The Merry Birding Widow

So…it’s not like I saw this coming.

Did you?  Seriously?

I mean, I wake up one morning with a smile on my face, the birds are singing their songs, the sun is casting beauty all about the room, I reach my arm over… and instead of landing where I expected, I find cooler sheets than mine…and nothing else.

Fast forward.

Long story short, I realized I had competition…competition of the sort that qualifies for “things that make you go hmmmmm”.

My beloved had discovered the adventure and thrill of birding.  What was I to do?

Get versed on birding, of course.

My first move was to ask, “Can I go with you?”  I got the right answer.  (“Yes!  I’d love that!”)

And so (somehow) I found myself bedecked in camera vest, binoculars, birding guides (that would be more than one!), camera, tripod, scope, visor, water bottles, and whatever else it was (finally) that I personally felt might be relevant to the occasion.

I have to admit, the moment was filled with expectation…

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December 28th, 2011

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