I heard something to my right…

My head snapped into ‘zoom in’ mode about the time my mouth went, “What was that!?!” (I hadn’t quite gotten the quiet and respectful in nature thing down at that point.)

I grabbed for the binoculars I suddenly remembered were dangling from my neck. Then, of course, I fretted & fumbled around a bit before I spotted…IT.

My heart skipped a beat…or two…or more…

When I’d caught my breath, I started describing what I was seeing, trying to gather enough clues to identify whatever vision this was before me.

After a time of that, I got fixated on finding the bird that matched up with what I remembered seeing. I searched and searched thru the birding guides I had on me and…


There it was! There was that bird I saw in the tree looking back at me from the pages of my guide! I’d never seen anything like it. (Apparently, it had been watching us for quite a while…but that’s another story.)

Turns out ‘my first’ was a Black Crowned Night Heron.

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