Dawn of a new day

BirdBeat™ Birder’s iField Notebook – Dawn of a New Day

Heather KiNCH Studio’s app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch provides birders with a revolutionary portable field observation and identification tool that is – for the first timecustomizable as well as interactive.  This tool helps solve a challenging problem all bird watchers confront in the field:  How to quickly and accurately capture enough key visual information about a bird to make a positive species identification.

Bird Beat™ takes everything birders previously needed to carry in the field

for cataloging ID marks and puts it all in the palm of your hand.

Here are some of the amazing advantages BirdBeat users will instantly have at their fingertips:

§  Convenience – consolidates everything your previously needed to carry into the field for cataloging ID marks and recording your sightings and puts it into the palm of your hand

§  Personalized – ability to quickly and easily capture your own information and experience in the moment

§  Time-Saving – use precious seconds to catalog and save data; then go on to make more sightings and do the research later

§  Greater Accuracy – no need to rely on memory, the intimidation of trying to sketch something recognizable, or sweat trying to capture all of the details at once – just capture and record the ID markings all in one place in a preformatted template

§  Improved Identification – quickly and accurately capture enough visual info about a bird to make a positive species ID later (How many different greenish grey warblers have you seen so far?)

§  Freedom – observe and record critical identification features regardless of lighting or environmental conditions

§  Helpful – statistical field info helps narrow search parameters; GPS & calendar automatically captures some info; manual inputs are possible as well

§  Become a Better Birder – improve birding skills over time

§  Smart – automated note taking process

§  User-Friendly – BirdBeat™ Field Sketches can be saved, emailed, posted on social media sites and otherwise shared for subsequent ID by consulting electronic or hard copy field guides, or your community of friends & fellow birders on BirdBeat™ and elsewhere

§  Belong – Be part of a community forum where you can share experiences, discoveries, learn something new and enjoy yourself

§  Kids Will Love It – It’s like having a coloring book with every color at hand.

§  Entertainment – Birder or not, this is just cool FUN!

BirdBeat™ Birder’s iField Notebook 

It’s a bright new day for birding.

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