Starts January 2012


Download BirdBeat™ Birder’s iField Notebook™  – Songbird Edition for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from iTunes, register and send us your first iField Sketch™ to participate / compete in BirdBeat’s first ever Big•Year event.

Let’s set a code of honor and see who can log the most verified sightings based upon their own BirdBeat™ iField Sketches created and used to capture characteristics, relevant field data and personal recollections of their bird sightings in 2012.


Who can resist a good sport?  Join us, and let’s have some fun!

  • Monthly and Overall Winners
  • Entry includes lifetime access to “members only” information and benefits
  • Preformatted templates
  • Capture color and pattern markings in minutes
  • Record environmental and behavioral data in seconds
  • Personal iField Notebook™ saves user’s sketches and data
  • Share via email and Facebook
  • Special BirdBeat™ Big•Year coverage, forum and BirdBeat™ community ID assistance
  • Download app, register on, then email your iField Sketch™ entry to


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