I heard something to my right…

My head snapped into ‘zoom in’ mode about the time my mouth went, “What was that!?!” (I hadn’t quite gotten the quiet and respectful in nature thing down at that point.) (more…)

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The Merry Birding Widow

So…it’s not like I saw this coming.

Did you?  Seriously?

I mean, I wake up one morning with a smile on my face, the birds are singing their songs, the sun is casting beauty all about the room, I reach my arm over… and instead of landing where I expected, I find cooler sheets than mine…and nothing else.

Fast forward. (more…)

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An Introduction

An unlikely birder-ette talks about her discoveries of the world of birds, birders & birding and invites the conversation to continue w/the BirdBeat™ audience; humorous, poignant, a little spicy, charming, engaging, and fun. Stay tuned for the latest posts and find out what happens next.

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Come Fly with Us

Who’s Chirping

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On The Wires