Identifying birds just got easier...and a whole lot more fun!

BirdBeat™ Birder’s iField Notebook™ ~ a revolutionary portable field observation and ID tool ~ lets you quickly & accurately capture key visual info and field data about a bird to make a positive species identification.

Just record and save color and pattern markings and other field data on a BirdBeat™ preformatted topography template – then go back to birding!

Later, match your iField Sketches to your digital or hard copy field guide of choice, and share them with friends to help you ID your sightings.


BirdBeat™ Wings - The Official Blog

Where Do I Begin?

Let’s face it – when you’re so new at something you haven’t even graduated to “neophite” status, it can be more than a little intimidating getting started.  (more…)

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Heather's Feathers

Test Post

Post content.

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On A Lark™ - A BirdBeat Blog


I heard something to my right…

My head snapped into ‘zoom in’ mode about the time my mouth went, “What was that!?!” (I hadn’t quite gotten the quiet and respectful in nature thing down at that point.) (more…)

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Who’s Chirping

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